Only For Us is a collective and label devoted to moving you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We don’t operate on irony or glamor, we operate on what makes us feel right. Our sound is for the people out there that need something new in their lives and our artists are dedicated to bringing a unique experience to fans around the world.

This site is not just to showcase the artists we represent, but to share with you everything we find that brings us closer to crossing the bridge in to the next realm of experience. We stay on the cutting edge till we bleed.  Share the journey with us and let us know how it makes you feel.


  1. Chris, Drummer, Red Exit says:

    Hey Emory, I met you the other night at the Bethlehem show -thanks again for helping us set up and for recording everybody. Did you record Red Exit though? I’m anxious to hear the live stuff.

  2. ez puzzle says:

    Yes, the recording is in Kevin’s possesion, and it should be available for streaming/download as soon as he sends me a copy. I’ll clean it up and cut it into tracks for you. Good to meet you, and I hope we cross paths again. Follow Only For Us on facebook if you want to hear the other guys sets too!

  3. Chris, Drummer, Red Exit says:

    Already there! Thanks. Bethlehem was tight, I’m sure we’ll be back. Until then…

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